Skills: BASIC

Pirates Arcade Game

This was a maze based game similar to pac-man which I wrote for the BBC Micro. The game was based in a simple street plan. The sprite of a p [...]

Commodore PET Undelete

While using the Commodore PET 8032’s at college, I managed to create a file on my project disk called “*”. I absent-minded [...]

Commodore PET Assembler

The college where I studied my A Levels had a class-room of Commodore PET 8032 computers. These were already dated then! I was already famil [...]

Invaders Return arcade game

I was starting to write a lot of 6502 Assembly language code and realised that this was how many of the home computer games of the time mana [...]

Expert System Shell

My HND project was to write an expert system inference engine. The target system was to be a IBM PC, with the code developed in C. However I [...]
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