I had already developed the Live Wait Times app, which shows live waiting times of local hospitals and walk in centres. This project added m [...]
This was a project on behalf of two consultants at University Hospitals of North Midlands who wanted a system to manage patients admitted wi [...]
This project was to produce a mobile phone app for Android and iOS that shows live waiting times in local hospitals and walk in centres. The [...]
One of my old clients asked be to write a VBA application to be embedded within an Excel spreadsheet. Staffline provide temporary workers to [...]
This is a small family run E-commerce site selling Russian dolls. It uses WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin. I also added text message n [...]
This was another project related to my support of the internal PHP systems at Royal Stoke Hospital. Many of the Hospital’s internal ad [...]
Many of the Hospital’s internal admin systems were written in PHP. There were around 20 applications in total. Such as managing doctor [...]
HOPS needed a stable server to host business critical applications. This service hosted the client portal, served nightly management reports [...]
HOPS had a  MS SQL database running on Microsoft Small Business Server. The database was out of support and despite a relatively simple app [...]
Key staff at hops require management reports each day to keep track of daily movements within the business. Since much of their work is base [...]
The HOPS site was looking very dated and for legal compliance reasons they needed to update it with some specific information. I suggested t [...]
HOPS were running a marketing campaign that involved inviting potential candidates to engage in a text message dialogue to ascertain if they [...]
When I started at the Incommunities team in Bradford, they had no development environment for their live web site. One of my first tasks was [...]
This was a project was the target of a short contract to the Incommunities housing association in Bradford. They needed extra functionality [...]
HomeServe needed the existing PHP system to use their newly chosen payment gateway of Salesforce. This project involved using PHP to generat [...]
HomeServe wanted to separate the responsibility of website text updates from the developers. I was asked to write a CMS (Content Management [...]
In addition to their core business of selling home appliance, heating, electrical and plumbing insurance, HomeServe also resell their insura [...]
HomeServe provides boiler & heating repairs, plumbing repairs and appliance repairs. It also offers home emergency insurance extending t [...]
Another interesting OpenVMS project was to upgrade the hardware and operating system for the Jaguar FVC system which controls the dispatch o [...]
Following my success at supporting and maintaining the OpenVMS systems at Jaguar in the Midlands, I was asked to lead the implementation of [...]
The production system at Jaguar gathers around 1000 records of vital build information for each car produced. This information covers such t [...]
While supporting the Jaguar OpenVMS systems I was involved in various projects programming in DCL (Digital Command Language), Pascal, C and [...]
In 1999 I started working for a company who provided support to Jaguar cars. Later Jaguar employed me as a contractor directly. Through my t [...]
While at Mercia Internet, we needed an administration system to keep track of customer orders, payments and invoices. I wrote an administrat [...]
Together with my brother we had started an internet services company based in Tamworth. Connectivity was provided by a leased ISDN line from [...]
I was working for a financial software house called ACT Financial systems. Their main product, Quasar was an investment management system wr [...]
I was working as a programmer at ACT Financial systems. Their main product was a legacy text based application written in the Mumps programm [...]
I was working for a financial software company called ACT Financial systems. Their main product, Quasar, was an investment management system [...]
This was a maze based game similar to pac-man which I wrote for the BBC Micro. The game was based in a simple street plan. The sprite of a p [...]
While using the Commodore PET 8032’s at college, I managed to create a file on my project disk called “*”. I absent-minded [...]
The college where I studied my A Levels had a class-room of Commodore PET 8032 computers. These were already dated then! I was already famil [...]
I was starting to write a lot of 6502 Assembly language code and realised that this was how many of the home computer games of the time mana [...]
My HND project was to write an expert system inference engine. The target system was to be a IBM PC, with the code developed in C. However I [...]
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